10 Cool Apps Used by Olympians in Rio Olympics 2016

It’s the time of Olympics and the athletes are busy in the preparations and training to give their best shot in the Rio Olympics 2016. There are quite a few apps used by Olympians. Similar to the common people they also need to track their fitness, sleep, travel itinerary, coordinating their PMS schedule and other necessary things for which they use various apps. Except for a few ones, most of the apps used by them are free. The common masses like us can at least use the same apps even though its nearly impossible to make it to the Rio or Beijing 2020.

Apps Used by Olympians

We will reveal the apps used by three of the athletes from Team USA. The 24-year-old English Gardner iompeted in the women’s 4 x 100 meter dash on Friday, August 12 as well as Thursday, August 18 at Rio.
The 6 apps used by her to maintain her performance level are:

Nike+ Training Club and Nike+ Running

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These two apps namely Nike+ Training Club and Nike+ Running app are used by English Gardner which includes various workout sessions designed for the Olympic athletes. The Nike+ Training Club also has one from Gardner’s teammate Allyson Felix and also from the teammate of Team USA called Gabby Douglas. This training app helps the user to do various workouts balancing the strength, endurance and also recovery exercises.

Instant Heart Rate

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This app can be used just by placing and holding the index finger on the camera lens and the app automatically calculates the heart rate.


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The second athlete we are talking here is 26 year old, Emily Infeld who is also making her first appearance with the Rio where she competed for the women’s 10,000 meter race on Friday, August 12.

Stepz – Pedometer & Step Counter for Tracking Steps

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Not only for people like us nut for the Olympians as well it is very important to track their steps. According to Emily Infeld:

Reaction Test

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Gardner plays the Reaction Test game for keeping the reflexes quick as it is a 100 meter dash the speed is important.

Sleep Time! zZz Sleep Cycle Alarm

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Being an Olympian is not easy and like everything the sleep is also very crucial after all the hardcore training. The Sleep Time! zZz Sleep Cycle Alarm app calculates the sleep cycle. It works by placing the phone in the top corner of the mattress with the screen face down and the sleep is light or deep can be detected. In Gardner’s words:

 Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

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Rain Rain helps you fall asleep fast with the help of 49 high-quality endless sounds. You can mix any combinations of sound and also save your favorite combinations. Emily says:

The 30 year old Olympian athlete Natasha Hastings, who holds an Olympic gold and competted for two more this year in Rio for the women’s 400-meter race on Saturday, August 13 and for women’s 4 x 400-meter relay on Friday, August 19.
Natasha is a a coffee lover and also highly active on Instagram and other useful apps:

The Weather Channel – Temperature, Local Weather Alerts, Warnings & Radar

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The Weather Channel App is used to get the accurate forecasts and timely local weather alerts. Especially for the athletes who have to go on trips and compete in different climatic conditions, it is a very useful app. Natasha explains:


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The Starbucks app is a very reliable and convenient way to order and pay and it has quite  few locations there.

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