$100 Off From Microsoft On New Pcs For Windows 8

Some days ago we had reported Microsoft will be taking the support off Windows XP. And now, they are offering $100 off new PCs for Windows 8 OS.

The $100 off are being offered to those people who are using the XP OS. This looks to be a new strategy from the US-based software company to rope in the customers who are buying new PCs with Windows 8 OS on board.

Windows 8

The promotion is being run on the Microsoft Store as the deadline for XP support is fast nearing. However, not all consumers will be getting the offer. Microsoft had decided to offer the discount to those consumers who have machines carrying a price tag of more than $699, which is nearly Rs. 42,500.

And yes, do not forget to check out that you have purchased the computer via online store. The discount of $100 is not all. You are also entitled to a tech support of 90 days. And there is also a utility that will help you to migrate the files for gratis.

So, if you are still stuck on XP and you own a machine that costs in excess of $699, you can get a discount of $100 on getting the new Windows 8 OS.Windows XP

There are nearly 15% machines that still run on Windows XP. That means Microsoft will be trying to bring in more users with Windows 8.

As the support is taken off from Windows XP, there will be lots of security problems for such machines running on this OS. Machines that are used in the business world will also have to think about a quick solution. Upgrading is a solution to this, but people will have to shell out bucks for that.

Windows XP powers almost 95% of the world’s ATM machines. And as Microsoft is taking the support off, it puts the ATM transactions into risk. However, Microsoft will not stop the support for the security products until July 2015.

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