1GBps Data Speed With 1TB Download Plan Launched In Hyderabad

A data plan with 1GBps data speed and 1TB download limit was recently launched in Hyderabad by ACT Fibernet. This puts India in the league of countries that are equipped with fastest Internet providers.

1GBps Data Speed
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ACT Fibernet has launched the super fast, wired broadband data service offering a speed of 1GBps and 1TB data usage in the city of pearls, Hyderabad. The company announced the new internet service at the cost of Rs. 5999/month  and is mainly targeting tech start-ups and retail companies of the city.

 1GBps Data Speed And 1TB Data

The company’s 65% of market share is earned from the twin cities Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Hence, they first launched 1GBps wired broadband service in these two cities. The company has also announced that they are planning to make the service available in 10 other cities across the country where ACT Fibernet services are currently established.

 ACT Fibernet In India

With 1.2 million users, ACT Fibernet holds the position of the 3rd largest Internet Service Provider in the country under the wired broadband segment. The ACT Fibernet services are presently available in 11 cities in the country, and the company is already rising quickly to the top.

 1GBps Wired Internet To Take Technology To New Heights Says CEO Malladi

According to CEO Bala Malladi, ACT Fibernet, the high-speed internet has become an essential requirement of the country as we are presently moving towards the digital India. The launch of the 1GBps wired broadband services would take technology and internet usage to new heights. He also said that he is proud that ACT Fibernet is making the country’s dream a reality. He also added that they launched the new product in the Hyderabad city, as it is a hub of tech brands, educational institutions, and a growing economy.

Telangana Residents Will Soon Be Able To Download At USB Transfer Speed

CEO Malladi is also confident that the company will certainly be instrumental in achieving the Telangana government’s dream of connecting all the citizens via the internet by 2018. It is notable that the average internet speed in the country is only 2.5MBps and a 1GBps internet speed will multiply this average by 400 times.

Telangana’s Minister for IT, Municipal Admin and Urban Dev. Moreover, Industries, Mr K. Taraka Rama Rao said in his statement that he is extremely pleased to witness this historic event of making Telangana a ‘Giga enabled’ tech and a digitally advanced hub through ACT Fibernet’s efforts.


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