30 Billion Pins from Pinterest and Adds Search Tool

Social networking site Pinterest has hit the 30 billion pins mark and has also added search tool for finding fun pins.

The announcement from the company came on Thursday, which is a new milestone for Pinterest. The performance of the company over a period of the past half an year was discussed in San Francisco, which are the head quarters.

The CEO of the company Ben Silbermann had said that the social networking company had registered pins in excess of 30 billion. These are the pins that are user-contributed ever since the service was launched.

Actually the number of pins grew by almost 50% in six months. In these six months, users have also created nearly 750 million boards ranging in a variety of topics.Pinterest

According to the CEO, the reason for the growth of pins was due to the ‘Related Pins’ feature. There are nearly 90% of pins that have Related Pins. Even the repining has seen a growth of around 20%.

Pinterest will now have Guided Search feature. This will be a sort of question-answer section where users will be able to search for their answers. The ‘how-to’ and ‘where’ type questions can be answered here.

Yes, there are search engines and sites like Wikipedia that can answer your questions. But what makes Pinterest different is that it assists you when there are multiple right answers. This can help in reducing the confusion as to what the correct option is and what can be chosen.

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