3D shopping Amazon phone feature among more

According to the reports published in The Wall Street Journal, there will be the 3D shopping Amazon phone feature in the Smartphone that the mega retailer is soon going to launch.

We had earlier reported that they are planning to jump in to the Smartphone business some days back. The phone is scheduled for June launch.

After Amazon came with this report, there was a lot of enthusiasm about what the company may have for the customers to offer. And the 3D shopping Amazon phone looks to be one of them.

Amazon is pretty much aware of the fact that there are already so many Smartphones in the market. However, still they have jumped in the market that is so crowded already. Samsung and Apple are the two of the biggest players in the world.Amazon Dash, 3D shopping Amazon phone, Amazon Logo

However, like Apple Inc. Amazon pretty much knows how to bring in innovative products in the market, the Kindle Fire is one such example.

What’s new in Amazon Smartphone?

Apart from the 3D shopping Amazon phone feature, one of the most talked about is the numerous front-facing cameras apart from a 3D interface.

3D shopping Amazon phone

The 3D shopping Amazon phone will be certainly in the talks due to this feature. With 3D viewing capacities, it will be easier for the users to view the products more closely. And the great thing is that it does not even need the 3D glasses.

Another thing you can do with this phone is scan your living room with this 3D feature. And when you need to choose the furniture for your room, just digitally insert the items in the image to see what goes where and what combination is better.

Grocery shopping with Amazon Smartphone

The 3D shopping Amazon phone lets you shop for grocery in an even better and enhanced way. It is possible because Amazon is testing the Wi-Fi baton called Amazon Dash. With Amazon Dash, it has become simpler to scan barcodes. This will improve the current barcode scanning abilities.

The Amazon Fresh service is being tested along with it in Seattle and Los Angeles.

The price tag

There is another innovation in the 3D shopping Amazon phone. There will not be a comprehensive price of the Smartphone. But, in fact, there will be various variants. A phone with lower cost and a single payment will mean limited features along with Amazon apps.

However, if you want more features, there could be a monthly bill too. But yes, one thing has to be mentioned, it will not be easy to have a competitive price tag in the markets with stiff competition.

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