4 Dangerous Cell Phone Apps for Teens

4 Dangerous Cell Phone Apps for Teens

In this age of technology dangerous cell phone apps for teens is the one thing that is a worrying factor for their parents. Today, keeping the kids away from content that is not suitable for their age is a big challenge parents face.

Parents resort to various ways like befriending their children on Facebook or sharing the same computer to use internet. This certainly restricts the movements of the kids, who otherwise would virtually get out of control.

For those worried parents, who are looking to have more information about knowing which apps for teens should be avoided, here is a list of at least four such apps.

Dangerous Cell Phone Apps: Snapchat

Snapchat should come first in this list as for parents it is one of the most dangerous cell phone apps to tackle with. What makes it so is its ability to self-destruct the images and videos sent to the friends in the list. Actually the files just disappear into thin air after it has been viewed. So, it is almost impossible to know if kids are sharing any sort of adult content.

Dangerous cell phone apps

Poke is similar dangerous app for kids.

Many teens are using Snapchat for the ‘sexting’ purpose. But the sender could be unaware of the fact that the receiver of the file can in fact get a screenshot and then spread the same. Moreover, in the excitement of using this app, many kids could forget or not know the technicality that even if the content gets deleted automatically, it is sent through web servers. This means it is getting stored somewhere.

Dangerous Cell Phone Apps: Kik Messanger

Kik Messanger is also one of the similarly dangerous apps for teens. It is messaging app, as the name suggests. But there are things that do not suggest the dangers for the kids. The dangerous part is that users can contact other people even if they do not know their phone numbers, provided they are contacting through Kik.

Dangerous cell phone apps

Tumblr is a similar dangerous app for kids.

But yes, Kik Messanger has laid down some regulations. Unmonitored use of the app makes it risky to use. So, Kik Messanger is one of those apps for teens that should strictly be avoided. The users of Kik Messanger need to be 17 years or older. But, it is a matter of research as to how many people are really following this guideline.

Dangerous Cell Phone Apps: Whisper

Whisper is an app that will make any parent concerned about the safety of their kids online. If the cops are to be believed, this app can land your kid in trouble. The dangerous part of the app is that users can post content like images or chat with other people – known as whisperers. But it needs least mention that such users more often than not hide their real information and use fake pictures as well.

Ask.fm is a similar dangerous app for kids.

In one case of sexual assault in Seattle, Washington in the month of November last year, the accused had admitted that he had got in touch with a 12-year old girl – the victim – through Whisper. There can be such examples where a person can take illegal advantage of such apps.

Dangerous Cell Phone Apps: Voxer

Dangerous Cell Phone Apps

If reports are anything to go by, Voxer is an app that is linked to cyber bulling cases and the number just doesn’t seem to come down. Why Voxer has become a hit with the teens is because it works in real-time and moreover, they do not need to go via any career. When two Voxer users are connected, they can communicate and that’s why it’s one of those dangerous cell phone apps out there.

Yik Yak is a similar dangerous app for kids.

And because the service provider doesn’t come anywhere in the picture, there will be no charges for the exchange of images or chat. To add to the worry is Voxer, by default, shares your location and the ‘Privacy Mode’ is disabled.

I hope, this list of dangerous cell phone apps for teens will be helpful to parents and protect their kids online.

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