5 Android Apps Which Can Make Your Life Easier

The human nature is always to look out for the best to ease life and here we bring to you 7 Android apps which can make your life easier. After all, the pure aim of today’s technology is to bring the best to mankind and make him more comfortable. After the advent of smartphones floodgates of iOS and Android apps have opened up to not only entertain us, but also bring more luxury and coziness to our lives.

Most of the Android apps today are free and they offer you premium like features. And that’s why it helps us in sketching out our planning as well as helping us manage the family budget.

Android Apps Which Can Make Your Life Easier

The apps listed here aren’t in specific sequence of important. We have just made a list of the same. All the apps mentioned below are my personal favorites and I use them almost on a daily basis.

SwiftKey Keyboard + Emoji

You can easily download the SwiftKey Keyboard + Emoji Android app from the Play Store. Now, why we are ranking this at the top is due to other free Android apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. Millions of users are logged in to these apps daily and exchange billions of messages. The amount of typing while texting messages was a headache until something like SwiftKey popped up.

  • The keyboard has a predictive feature that predicts your next word.


  • The app can auto correct words. So, you never type a wrong word.
  • With SwiftKey the typing speed also increases as you don’t need to tap on each key.
  • SwiftKey brings to you colorful themes. At the moment there are 30 such themes available to you.


  • Most of the users in the world can use the Android app because it supports more than 80 languages.
  • SwiftKey keeps stats of your typing performance that you can share socially.


Remote Mouse

The use of PCs and laptops is highly on the rise, even though many people prefer to work on the go with the help of their smartphones. Speaking about smartphones, these are the devices that have become really smart. Remote Mouse is really one of the Android apps which can make your life easier.


With this Android app, you can control your PC from a distance using the same Wi-Fi network and as the tag line aptly calls it, it’s “control at your fingertips.” Your smartphone becomes the remote control for your PC. If you don’t want to sit too near the machine this app really comes in handy. Or if your mouse isn’t in a proper working condition then too this app will let you breathe easy.


 GoodLook – Style and Fashion

Our next entry in the list of the Android apps which can make your life easier is GoodLook – style and fashion. This top Android app is a handy guide for the fashion crazy. This app helps you wear that trendy look that you always were looking for. Once you use this app, you will instantly get an addict if you are a fashion geek/ Just use it once to believe.


With the help of GoodLook, as the title suggests, you can help yourself to those “good looks”. You can check out hundreds of combinations to finalize your looks. You can try out the clothing items with all the newest trends in the market.

Why this app is one of the best Android apps is because it offers fresh looks for men and women on a daily basis. With this you always keep yourself abreast of the latest trends in the world of fashion.



Who doesn’t love photos and images? A picture actually speaks more than a thousand words. Gone are those days now. Now with beautiful apps for editing images, with Layout is one of them, it is now much more than just clicking images. Images these days speak millions of words. Well, this light thing apart, it is a simple yet powerful app for carrying out your needs for image editing and much more.


Layout, which has been introduced by Instagram, lets you create photo collages that are unique to you. In this world of social sharing, you can easily share them with your near ones. With so many tools and filters at your disposal, your creativity is only your limit.

And don’t forget the Photo Booth feature. Using the feature, you can grab images that are get ready so you can view them straightaway in your layout.


5K Run

One of the Android apps which can make your life easier falls in the fitness category. We are talking about 5K Run. There should be at least one app in such a list that focuses on health and fitness, because if that’s lacking you cannot enjoy the worldly pleasures. Like many fitness bands out there, this app is also helpful to keep yourself fit and fine.

The 5K Training is actually something nice to happen to beginners. This targets especially the beginners, who wish to lose their weight. The aim of the app is to get you in the shape that you should be once you lose your weight.


For those who are novice in the field and worry if this is one of the apt Android apps, don’t worry. The 5K Runner happens to be a training program that’s correctly guided. If you follow the regime correctly, you will find that you lose your weight in a matter of just a couple of months.

You will find that there’s the Walk / Run interval training program that’s accompanied by an audio coaching. Android apps which can make your life easier in the real sense, is by asking you when it’s time to run or walk. This way, it will not only help you increase your stamina, but will also get 5K in 8 weeks.


Bonus Apps

Apart from these apps mentioned here, there are some more Android apps which can make your life easier in the real sense. Some of them are, TrueCaller that tells you who’s calling you, ES File Explorer that’s helpful for transferring files from PC to your Android. Moovit is another app of note that’s used by millions of users across the world.

The quest for the best Android apps will always stay alive. Let’s know in your comments below about this list we complied for you. We would love to hear back if you have any suggestions.

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