5 Best Comedy Podcasts You Should Consider Listening

A list of best comedy podcasts that you should listen to. Do anything and have a good dose of laughter listening to these best comedy podcasts

Best Comedy Podcasts

The spoken word is a source of entertainment thanks to the help of a podcast. The podcast comes up with a lot of advantages like you can carry a broadcast anywhere you want without the need of data availability in your laptops, mobile phones or MP3 players. There are many genres of broadcasts or podcasts available on the internet and the best one which we like are the best comedy podcasts.

Comedy podcasts is an excellent way to enjoy, and you can use it while gardening, driving or if you simply want to pass the time. This article is featuring some of the best comedy podcasts available on the internet.

1. SModcast

It reveals the exciting TV series of Kevin Smith through his weekly podcast SModcast. Smith alongside his partner Scott Mosier organizes comedic series that comes up with a broad range of topics. There are approx. 300 episodes that you can listen and indeed enjoy in case of boredom.

best comedy podcasts

2. Comedy Bang Bang

Comedy Bang Bang is considered one of the best comedy podcasts that you should consider listening. Comedy Bang Bang is hosted by Scott Aukerman, who starts his weekly show by interviewing various comedians and entertainers. This shows come up with a lot of twists and turns like games, music or general wackiness to name a few. A lot of well-known personalities appear in this particular show like Kumail Nanjiani, Jane Lynch, and Hayel Joel.

3. Ricky Gervais Podcasts

When you consider to buy best comedy podcasts, Rickey Gervais surely comes in the list. Ricky Gervais produces a lot of podcasts, but the most favorite podcast is being Ricky Gervais Show. It began with a radio in the United Kingdom and then it started producing podcasts. This particular podcast features Stephan Merchant and Ricky Gervais, but the central star in the podcast was Karl Pilkington. When the show started the co-hosts of the show thought that Pilkington would be more into the side role, but they learned a lot more about him when the show started which focused stories of his wild and unconventional childhood.

best comedy podcasts

4. The Comedian’s Comedian Podcast

If you want to learn the skill of being a magnificent standup comedian that you should look at the Comedian’s Comedian Podcast. In each episode, you can witness standup comedian interviewing other comedians and explains the process how they perform and write their material. This comedy podcast is kind of interesting as it describes individual’s methods and quirks which help them to develop personally. Another unique aspect about this podcast is that you never know where the episode would be recorded in this podcast. The recording can be done in front of live audience, homes of comedians or even in their luxury cars.

5. No such Thing as a Fish

If you have an interest in British panel game show QI, then you would like the podcast to show No such thing as a fish. The unique thing about this comedy podcast is that in each episode of this podcast a QI researcher comes up with a favorite fact that they came across in a particular week. This podcast show has featured a lot of stars such as Dan Schreiber, Andrew Hunter Murray, Anna Ptaszynski, James Harkin and Dan Schreiber. In addition, various guest hosts and QI researchers often appear in this entertaining show to make their presence felt.

These are all the best comedy podcasts that you should consider listening to. Are you listening to any of the best comedy podcasts already? If yes, do let us know in the comments section below.

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