7 Best Apple Watch Travel Apps You Must Try Out

Is travel your thing and you wear an Apple Watch, do check our article showcasing best Apple Watch travel apps that will help you to ease your travel without taking your phone out of the pocket. ths

7 Best Apple Watch Travel Apps

In today’s world, it is almost next to impossible to keep up with the fast pace of life without smart devices. From smartphones to smart cars, we are getting dependent on these devices and that too in a very good way. These devices not only help us in keeping up with the deadlines, but also make it much easier to sort out multiple activities at one time.

Apple Watch is one of those products that can make your life much easier by putting all the info on your wrist. In fact, it can be your ultimate travel partner which will help in keeping track of every aspect of the journey, including the expenses, locations, bookings, reservations, alarms, finances and much more. Let’s discuss the best Apple Watch travel apps that you must have if you are a travel buff.

All these best Apple Watch travel apps are super easy to use and surely help you in finding the next destination or ease your travel.

1. Hotwire

For any traveler, last minute booking is something that is unavoidable. In peak season, most of the hotels charge an insane amount for the booking which everyone wants to avoid. Hotwire helps you in that particular task and with much ease. You can easily get amazing deals for cheap rooms in more than 40K locations all around the world. Along with the hotel bookings, the app also offers car booking services from major brands. You can find cars to commute from airport to hotel or any other location with a few clicks. On the Watch, the app offers hotel check-in reminders, car pickups, refuel reminders, and the summery for the last trip.

best apple watch travel apps

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2. Babbel

How about enriching your vocabulary while you travel the world? For those who love to explore new locations around the globe, Babbel can be a lifesaver. You can check the words, writing on the signboards in a number of international languages including French, Dutch, German, English, Indonesian, Norwegian, Turkish, Swedish and many others. This app can help you in understanding the native languages to a point where you can decipher most of the information on your own with the help of the app and make your journey bliss. The latest version of the app adds new words as per your location to the dictionary thus enhancing your vocabulary skills on the move.

best apple watch travel apps

3. App in the Air

Once you are done with the flight bookings there is a lot which you should know about your flight. It is not just about the real-time status, but it is about the very essence of every aspect of the journey where that particular flight time is included. This app helps you in keeping an eye on the flight status along with the airport tips, flight profile, navigation maps of the flight, in-flight meals and much more. Apart from the app also works offline and sends you info about gate changes etc.

best apple watch travel apps

4. Foursquare

You cannot simply describe your travel based only on the destinations you have visited. You have to expand the information to food, drinks, and shopping as well. So by the time you reach your destination, you should have something in hand that has the complete information about the eateries, best places to visit, restaurants and much more. This app does the same for you. The only thing you need to tell this app is what you like and it will come up with the possible locations which you may like with the help of the huge database and precise algorithms. Basically, you can use its math to add romance to your journey and fall in love with the location and food altogether.

best apple watch travel apps

5. Cleartrip

It is indeed one of the most famous apps for almost every platform and if you have not heard of it, then you are definitely missing something from your travel pack. Interestingly, the features that this app has for the Watch display can ease your travel to the extent where you can enjoy every second of the trip without any fuss. From booking flights to finding the best place to stay and eat, this app goes a long way in making the life of every travel buff easier and simpler with its reach in more than 15K locations.

best apple watch travel apps

6. Citymapper

For an Urban traveler who loves to travel alone, this app will be a companion of the lifetime. It shows real-time travel info on the Apple watch while you commute from one location to another in an urban location. It shows info about all the options available for transit. The app also has the option to integrate with Uber app and show even more options and info about the cabs’ availability.

best apple watch travel apps

7. XE Currency

Active as a website from a very long time, XE provides apps for Android and iOS as well. Now it is available for Apple to watch to make it very easy for the travelers to know the conversion rates of the local currency. The app allows you to monitor 10 currencies simultaneously and it is available in different languages, including English, German, Japanese, Italian, French, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and much more.

best apple watch travel apps

These are all the best Apple Watch travel apps that will help you take make your travel smooth. Travelling is something that you would like to do with a stress-free mind. There are a lot of aspects about the journeys which can take a lot of time making it a little harder for you to enjoy the moments. These apps can make it possible for you to utilize the time properly in a much efficient way. So check these best Apple Watch travel apps and keep the best ones which can help you in penning down the plans in the best possible way.

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