74 million iPhone Sales Likely in Fourth Quarter: Report

As per a new research, there would be 74 million iPhone sales in the fourth quarter of the present year. The report says the soar in the sales is a result of the new entrant, Apple iPhone 7. Read on!

74 million iPhone Sales

74 million iPhone sales

The report suggests that the new iPhone 7 has seen better sales than the previous device from the company, iPhone 6s. This report clearly indicates the 74 million iPhone sales in the Quarter 4.

74 million iPhone sales

Steve Milunovitch of UBS Research says that the supply chain sources watch over the production details of the iPhone 6 and 6s. Furthermore, the financial analyst firm indicates the survey that says the people are keen to purchase Apple iPhone 7 Plus. Their attraction towards the device is comparatively more than the previous Apple phones, like iPhone 6 Plus or 6s Plus.

A previous report said that iPhone sales in India are expected to go low in 2016. And now the UBS report says suggests that the iPhone SE has made its mark, but people are gradually losing their interest. The research further reports that the US sales of iPhone SE have dropped from 16% in the Quarter 3 to 9 percent in the quarter 4.

74 million iPhone sales

Samsung’s loss due to the battery fire incidents Galaxy Note 7 has also paved way for Apple’s device extended sales. Due to Galaxy Note 7’s continued battery explosions, customers are now not ready to purchase the device, as suggested by a report.

The research company hopes to see around 8% improvement in the iPhone device sales next year. They are also expecting a high popularity for the model iPhone 6 in 2018 after attaining a fresh design.

74 million iPhone sales

As per UBS, Apple could see a revenue of $46.6 billion after witnessing good sale for iPhone 7 family. Now users are more interested to shift their older devices to the newer iPhone 7. This is because the sale of the new iPhone has swollen.

74 million iPhone sales

UBS report further mentions that by the end of 2016, 74 million iPhone sales would take place. These iPhone sales could happen against the huge orders of 89 million that Apple would receive for the iPhone 7 family. The report further elaborates that there is a hope to see some extra sales as well that would be revealed in the quarter 4 over the end of the year.


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