Aakash 4 tablet will have 4G services and calling facility

According to the release by the government, Aakash 4 tablet will have 4G services and calling facility. These new features will be seen in the next version of the low-cost Aakash tablet.

The government has released the specifications and according to them, the device will have the driver for phone functionality that comes with the external dongle. It will also have support for through 2G, 3G or 4G external dongle.Aakash2-new-111112

This Aakash project was the pet project of the Telecom Minister Mr. Kapil Sibal, who was the erstwhile Human Resources Development (HRD) minister then.

Aakash is a fantastic project that targets the students to provide them cheap computing gadget. The aim is to make available the internet for educational use.

It was in October 5, 2011, that the first Aakash tablet had been introduced. The initial version was a very basic device with only the most required features taking the front seat.

In those days, the cost the government incurred for the device was something like Rs. 2,276. However, the government came forward and brought in more features. But the best deal was that they didn’t increase the price.

The government has come up with more novel features. And offering the gadget at the same price – Rs. 2,276, looks impossible. An increase in the price looks inevitable. And that is why the revised price of the Aakash 4 hasn’t yet been disclosed.

The new Aakash tab will have a new feature – in-built Bluetooth. In the previous editions of the device, there wasn’t Bluetooth at all.

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