Accelerated Mobile Pages: New Way to Get Faster Mobile Web

Now get a much faster compatible content on the mobile search with Google’s Accelerated mobile pages. Google has targeted the mobile search results and commenced rolling out AMP in India.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages

As a result of Accelerated Mobile Pages, you will now locate a ‘lightning’ mark on the mobile search results page. The mark indicates that it will take you to the compatible pages in less time. However, the company has notified that the mobile search results will not change and neither there would be any special preference to the accelerated pages.

A year back, Google has started an open source initiative named as AMP project. The project mainly concentrates on the problem regarding slow loading of a particular website and enables it to load faster.

The American giant has released the Accelerated Mobile Pages in the month of February. At that time, it was rolled for the Top Stories carousel in mobile search results. However, that was limited to news then. And now Google is rolling out faster mobile pages in mobile search results in all the supported pages.

Actually, the such  pages displays just the basic elements of a specific website, as a result, it loads much faster. Additionally, Google claims that a user can save almost 10 times in his mobile data usage by using an AMP webpage.

Provided with this, Google has also outlined the number of news and non-news websites for mobile search results of Accelerated Mobile Pages that include, such as Zomato, NDTV, The Indian Express, and Aaj Tak.

According to Google’s data, users get annoyed mostly by the slow loading mobile websites. This results in almost 53% of users to back out when the site doesn’t get loaded in the next 3 seconds. Furthermore, the company has now divided the websites according to different categories like travel, recipe, general knowledge, entertainment, and retail.

The near future would witness many more innovations and enhancements in the Google Accelerated Mobile Pages. There will be data entry usage support like forms, etc. Such pages are expected to render more interactive video experience to the users. And soon you will see a support for a number of content formats like news articles, recipes, and more.


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