Add 3D Background Images with Matter

Now it is easy to add 3D background images to your current photos. It is all possible with the app Matter.

There are hundreds of apps that serve one single purpose. Think of any subject, under the sun (or even beyond it) and you will find loads of apps about it. As far as photography and graphics is concerned, you can find a whole list of apps that serve various purposes.

Some apps can add 3D background images through Android OS, while the same can be done through iOS too. And now with Matter it is time to jazz up your old album. So you can get mind-blowing photos on social sites like Tumblr or Flickr.

Add 3D background images

To use Matter, just download the app from Pixite. It is a digital studio, which develops apps for both the prominent devices of Apple, iPhone and iPad.

Add 3D background images
Image: Getty Images

The advantage of using Matter

The best edge that Matter gives you is the ability to edit your images even when you do not have any desktop, laptop or image editing software like Photoshop. So, if you have Matter, you can add 3D background images. This means, you are virtually carrying the editing software in your pocket.

The run-of-the mill landscapes as well as the cityscapes can easily be brightened in a matter of a few moments with Matter.

Using Matter

Adding 3D background photos is easier with Matter. As a user of Matter, you need to upload any image of your choice after opening the app. You will get four object packs to browse through and can add 3D background images accordingly. They are primitive objects, unique structures, Polyonfire collection and organic elements.

All of these packs come with 3D objects. They help in adding reflectiveness and/or opacity to the images.

In all there are 64 objects in these four packs. There are some simple 3D objects, while some are really complex ones. There are even architectural shapes too.

You can apply effects like spinning objects or a short video loop to your images. What’s more, you can also export your creativity with HD formats.

Add 3D background images with Matter and enjoy your time with this app.

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