AdDuplex Survey: Just 15% of Win 10 Mobile Users in the US

AdDuplex survey has a new tracking report for Windows Phone. In this month, AdDuplex has considered exclusively the Windows Phone users residing in the United States. Here we present you some of its excerpts.

AdDuplex Survey


AdDuplex is an advertising network that monitors Windows phones in its network. It lays a detailed stats of Microsoft’s Windows devices. Every month, it captures report of worldwide consumption of Windows phones in single day basis. This month it released the reports on November 21, 2016.

AdDuplex survey marks, “growth of Windows 10 Mobile share has stalled worldwide in the last couple of months and [the] US is no exception.” It further remarks, only 15 percent of the entire active Windows phones in the region are running Windows 10 mobile. And 80 percent of the devices are running Windows Phone 8.1.


Though, almost every Windows Phone 8.1 devices are now eligible to upgrade to Windows 10 platform. But users have no such information that they have an upgrade available to them.

Proceeding ahead, the survey explains that the most popular device among the whole lot of Windows 10 Mobile running devices in the region is Lumia 640. This is followed by Lumia 950 that Microsoft has offered to give free with Lumia 950 XL. The next device that follows the trail is Lumia 650 and then there is Lumia 950 XL in the fourth place.

The only non-Lumia Windows 10 Mobile phone is the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL that secured a fifth place in the US top 10 list. These five Windows 10 Mobile handsets are assorted as 70 percent among all the others.


While Alcatel IDOL 4S that runs on Windows 10 flagship has acquired the 16th position in the most used device in the region. Moving on, HP Elite x3 is safely secured at 13th position.

Microsoft Lumia 950 shows 19.3 percent of Windows 10 Mobile devices in the states, which goes for 3.8 percent of whole Windows phone users. The AdDuplex survey indicates many of the old devices in the top 10 list while there is Lumia 920 and 521 as well.


A total of 12.4 percent of Windows 10 Mobile users in the regions are using the Windows Insider Program. They are running the new preview builds of the operating system. However, around 10 percent of the users are still using the original version from last year. Almost 77.7 percent are using the recent release that is the Anniversary update. This rises to around 84 percent when we see the world figures.

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