Adobe’s Kuler App Allows Extracting Colors from Your Surroundings

For those who love to work with colors, the Kuler app from Adobe might be the one that you are looking for. Kuler is the name of the web-based app brought out by Adobe that is a powerful color picker. There is the latest iOS app version that came out recently. However, the mobile app has lots of options.
There are a couple of options with which one can fashion color themes on iPhone. The first way is to use the color wheel and the other is with the help of the camera. This is the same color wheel that is seen on the web site of Kuler. Drawing smaller circles in the vicinity of the wheel creates hundreds of thousands of color themes.
To help the user, there are the conventional ways like monochromatic, complementary, triad and analogous, etc. that helps in generating multi-color palette. The palette can be started by the selected color. The user can also make changes in the hex values for a single or any number of colors in the theme.
However, the camera mode is the real interesting part of all. Kuler gets the most prominent colors from the surroundings wherever the camera is pointed. The small circles seem to be omnipresent and are present here too. Again, these circles can be used with the color mode for blowing life in the surroundings right on the screen.
It can pick out colors and generate themes – all in real time. Tapping the picture freezes the image. The user can then drag circles around the pictures where specific colors can be brought to life. There is an alternative to the real-time camera capture. Instead of this, a user can directly go to the iPhone’s photo library.
Accessing Flickr or Google will also be fine if you have to work with the photo of your choice. You can use your favorite theme with this image, add tags and share it as well. The best part is that the images in the Kuler app can sync to the web account as well as to the Adobe Creative Cloud. Adobe will soon bring out the Kuler integration along with its CC programs.

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