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Gadget Garrio is on the web to dish out latest and exciting news and we are getting stronger with each day. To give back to the supporters of our site, we have something exciting to announce.

We have come up with some great and cost-effective advertising on Gadget Garrio. Advertising won’t come so cheap. Here are the details:


Ad Position


468 x 60

Right side of the site logo $49.99 per month

125 x 125

Sidebar (Above the fold)

$39.99 per month

300 x 250 Sidebar

$45.49 per month

1. Please have blogs for advertising only from this niche.

2. Please pay only in USD.

3. One month = from date to date, i.e. From April 15 to May 15 (IST)

4. We also accept sponsored review articles.

5. Please use the contact us form for more queries.

One thought on “Advertising Opportunities

  1. Hi Admin

    My current campaign which is based on Tech niche, for that we are looking for quality sites. I have just found your website ( while searching.

    I would love to make a blog post advertisement deal with your website.

    If you are interested you can get back to me ASAP.



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