Airplane Mode in iPhone 7 Causing Issues in Some Devices

Airplane mode in iPhone 7 has become a new reason for Apple and given it many a reason for investigating. Apple may likely have to do some more research in regards the radio signal issues.

Airplane Mode in iPhone 7


Like all other smartphones, Apple iPhone 7 also comes with an Airplane Mode which switches off the radio and after the flight-safe mode is disabled, it switches on again. MacRumors’ internal documents suggest that few iPhones are not switching on after the Airplane Mode is disabled. However, this is not the first such issue reported about the iPhone 7. According to some previous reports, few models hissed in a heavy processing load.


Apple, which is a brand known for perfection, released the order to replace the affected phones to the retail stores. Basically, the iPhones which have this shortcoming will be replaced without even doing the full diagnostic test. This test is performed to check all the faults of a device. The video above was posted by a customer who had affected Airplane mode in iPhone 7. He shows in the video that iPhone 6s is able to come out of Airplane Mode but iPhone 7 couldn’t.

The video runs for only 55 seconds but explains the problems in the Airplane Mode in iPhone 7. The video shows a couple of devices. The left device is the iPhone 6s, while the one to the right is the iPhone 7. The iPhone 6s was ready to latch on to the signal unlike the iPhone 7.

There were a lot of hopes for the new iPhone when it was due for release. When on one hand, Apple is expecting a rise in its sales, on the other, the iPhone 7 sales for the Cupertino firm is turning out to be disappointing.

Are you an owner of the iPhone 7 and experienced any such defect in it? Let us know by commenting below.


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