Airtel and Google come together for free mobile internet

Airtel and Google have come together and will make available free mobile internet in India. But hey, don’t take everything literally. This is only for the subscribers where they can access the services of Google without having to pay any price for the data used.

This service is termed ‘Free Zone, where services like Gmail, Google search as well as Google+ are at the disposal of the users. But everything doesn’t come in free. The users will have to pay in advance for services like downloading an attachment.Google-Search
In a statement, Airtel said that the Free Zone will allow the Airtel customers to get an access to the web search through mobile. There will also be mobile-friendly versions of Google+ and Gmail for the Indian customers. The statement further said that the first page that is displayed in the search results doesn’t cost anything.

However, the charges will not be forced upon the users and there won’t be hidden costs either. After the first free page is left back and the user gets deeper into the search results or has to download anything i.e. moving out of the Free Zone, they are made aware of the charges of the data.

They are also offered options to buy a data package. So none of the users remain in the dark and know well about the Free Zone and there isn’t any misleading information.

As far as accessing Gmail from the mobile is concerned, that’s where users can have unlimited access. However, if they were to click any link or attachment within that mail, the users are taken to a page where they are able to purchase the packs of their choice. The same goes for the search results.

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