Airtel iPhone 7 Offer: iPhone 7 Available at 19,999

Airtel has come up with an exciting Airtel iPhone 7 offer. Airtel has offered brand new iPhone 7 at a down payment of 19,999. So, this is a good opportunity for Apple and Airtel fans.

Airtel iPhone 7 Offer


Airtel has come up with an exciting Reliance Jio iPhone offer. The new Airtel iPhone 7 offer, presents the customers, a brand new iPhone 7 at only 19,990 down payment. And there should be a beautiful mobile back cover as well, to go with a phone of Apple iPhone’s stature.

The craze of iPhones is on everyone’s mind. Network service providers are tieing up a relationship with the new iPhones, to compete with each other. According to the newest Airtel iPhone 7 offer, Airtel offers both new iPhones with a down payment of 19,999 and 30,792 for the smaller and bigger iPhone. The new iPhone customers receive the airtel connection, with unlimited local/STD calls, national roaming free with a data plan of 5GB, 10GB, 15GB as per the users’ chooses while purchasing the handset,

However, the plan is not available in all regions of India. This offer is available only in Noida region and Karnataka. The offer is for now in its ‘testing’ process.


The above displayed is the Airtel postpaid plans. The customers can anytime change their previous plan to some other postpaid plan, served by Airtel.

The existing Airtel customers can also avail the Airtel iPhone 7 offer. The existing customers need to select the ‘iPhone for Life’ plan. They also need to make a down payment of the amount to get their iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.
What happens to the rest of the amount? Bajaj Finance Limited completes the rest of the payment. The customers have to stick to the Airtel postpaid plan for at least a year. They definitely can switch plans, but cannot get rid of the network.

What happens after the completion of one year? The iPhone 7 users will have two options after completing the one year offer. The customers need to either upgrade their model to the next version or to purchase the device they have been using by balloon payment. Balloon payment is the repaying of the rest of the sum.


Furthermore, if a customer is not able to or deliberately does not visit an Airtel store to return the iPhone 7 or upgrade it, the Airtel team has managed its system and prepared for those cases as well. In that case, Bajaj Finance will debit the remaining balloon payment from the customer’s bank account. It is a must for every customer availing the offer to make the balloon payment or return the handset after the end of the offer year. After the customer has completed the balloon payment, the handset will solely belong to the customer.

If a customer wants to upgrade his handset to the high-end model, then this facility is also available. But the Airtel team hasn’t yet declared the charges of upgradations. Airtel has the complete rights to decline the upgradations offer. If the team finds the handset damaged, the team can decline the offer.  Any sort of damage, which includes heavy dent, screen/display damage or handset with missing parts, results in the refusal of the up gradation.

For upgradation the consumers will have to go to the Airtel store in 30 days once the 1-year period is completed. There is no hard and fast rule for the customers to stick to their postpaid plan. They are free to choose the plan of their choice.

As per Airtel, the Rs. 1,999 plan will cost Rs. 1,199, the Rs 2,499 plan will just be Rs 1,599. The charges for the Rs 2,999 plan will slide down to Rs 1,999/month. Airtel has launched this offer to compete with the Reliance Jio iPhone offer. Both the companies are showcasing their offers to the customers, to beat each other’s user rate.


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