Leaked: The iPhone 8 Mold Along with the Schematic

Having seen so many leaks and rumors about the iPhone here’s the iPhone 8 mold leak, that’s now doing the rounds of the internet. Watch the images of the mold and schematic being leaked.

iPhone 8 Mold Leaked

The iPhone 8 mold has allegedly got leaked online along with its schematic. The same are now available to view online. From what we understand, the source of these leaks is Slashleaks. But, by the way, this isn’t the first time for the iPhone 8 related stuff to get leaked. A few days ago, leaks were making the rounds where the camera was said to be combined with the logo.

As far as the recent leaks are concerned, apart from the iPhone 8 mold, there were talks about the CNC dummy model along with an iPhone 8 case. As if these leaked molds weren’t enough, we had earlier looked at a few concept images of the iPhone 8 in a beautiful gallery. There are hundreds of concept images of the iPhone 8 at the moment, here’s one of the galleries.

The new iPhone 8 mold dishes out a lot of details, especially the one that shows numerical details. And the other two images included, they become a flood of info actually. However, as most of us know, Apple doesn’t comment publicly on any leaks or rumors. So, it’d be difficult to speak about the authenticity of these leaks, though we won’t be going into those details.

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