Always On Display Galaxy S7 is Getting Attention and How

The Always on Display Galaxy S7 is a feature that’s loved by a lot of people and is in their favourite list. So, how this app helps is something all of you would love to know and use.

Always on Display Galaxy S7

The Always on Display Galaxy S7 is already listed in the people’s favourite list. What this app does is something everybody would love to use. It is a truth that it is a basic nature of the people to somehow or the other get a sneak peek into their devices every ten minutes. May be just to check the time or any updates!

With the Always On Display feature the people were very easily able to get the updates without having to get their display on. It is because with this feature of the phone lightly lightens the screen wakened and thus people just need to look at the phone to get the updates. But with the recent update on the app people can now limit that time too.


They can set the time limit of the screen remaining awakened and that way the screen gets to go to sleep after the limited time limit. After all, one just cannot expect to look at the screen at the dead of the night too. This will allow you to add more saving to your battery as the bright side is that the Always On Display, your battery generally needs just 1% of power per hour – or at times, even less.

Also with this upgrade people have the opportunity of keeping the screen wakened till a time limit of 18 long hours which initially was just set at 12 hours.

With all these features people definitely are going crazy over the upgraded version. Do you own a Samsung Galaxy S7? What do you think about the Always On Display Galaxy S7? Let’s know your views by commenting below.


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