Amazon 3D Smartphone may be unveiled soon

Amazon 3D Smartphone may be the latest introduction from the house of Inc. It will be the latest mobile handset from the largest online retailer.

Amazon 3D Smartphone

The Amazon 3D Smartphone will come with a 3D screen and hence this name. With the introduction of this Smartphone, Amazon is making another effort to make a niche for themselves the way people shop online and that too with their own product.

Jeff Bezos, who is the CEO of the company, will head the launch in Seattle campus. The predictions of the experts in the field are that this will be the Smartphone that has been long in the wings and under development for a long time now.

However, it is unsure if the Amazon 3D Smartphone will be sufficient for Amazon to battle the likes of Apple Inc’s iPhone as well as Samsung Electronic’s Galaxy devices. In the United States, almost 75% of people possess a Smartphone. The findings were brought by comScore – a data tracking service.

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It must be admitted that with or without Amazon 3D Smartphone, tabs and Smartphones play a role in the way people use to buy online articles. The increase in such devices also pushed two times the rate that of the online retails.

According to some experts and analysts in the industry, Amazon should find more business out of the US. As a matter of fact, only 30 per cent of 5.2 billion phones are Smartphones.

A couple of sources have stated that the Amazon 3D Smartphone will have 3D features and that can be seen without any special glasses. Experts further feel that there will be features like two-day deliver and movie streaming along with the phone.

The Wall Street Journal had come with a report on Tuesday that AT&T is likely to carry the phone – the way it has been doing for iPhones for so long now. And how can one forget the Facebook phone by HTC, which vanished as fast it made an appearance. The world’s largest social networking site never went that way after that.

Stay tuned for more updates on Amazon 3D Smartphone. We will be brining the updates as and when they occur.

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