Amazon Digital Day: The Wait Ends On The 29th of December

Amazon Digital Day excites the digital addiction in us. The time has come to go crazy once again as the day is back. Yes, you read it right. 29th December is the day.

Amazon Digital Day

No one can deny the fact that Amazon Digital Day is our favorite when it comes to digital downloads. Last year, the customers of Amazon couldn’t believe that this offer began and by the time they knew it was for real, it ended. You can make up for the loss last year. Get everything downloaded that you love. You can download games, movies, e-books etc. It is no different than Amazon Prime Day.

The most amazing part of this Amazon Digital Day is the discounts they are offering. There will be deals more 40% more than what it had been last year. When taken into account, there will be 5000 more items than last year too. So, in a way, yes, it is going to be a grander event. Although the big day has been declared as the 29th of December, soon after Christmas kicks in, that is on the 26th of December, a portion of the sale will take off.

The teaser of the sale briefly exposes the discount for movies to be up to 60% and the discount for games to be up to 33%. E-Books can be bought at a price which will be on discount for up to 75%. IT is tempting, isn’t it? It is just the one-fourth of the iceberg. Get to know more on the 29th of December, midnight.


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