Amazon Incentivized Reviews Being Deleted from its Website

Amazon incentivized reviews are going to be banned from their site especially the older reviews, to provide the customers more genuine reviews. Why this move from Amazon? Read on.

Amazon Incentivized Reviews


Amazon incentivized reviews or incentivized reviews are kinds of those for reviews which the reviewer might get totally free or discounted products from those companies for providing their reviews about the product. In the recent years, it has been noticed by Amazon that these reviews are mostly overrated and the reviewers create more optimistic reviews than that of which the product deserves.

According to a study, this ban is going to affect in excess of 32,000 products apart from a whopping 65 million reviews that are present on the Amazon website. With this, the site will be almost free of poor quality reviews and the customers will be having updated and genuine review with them.

From the analysis, this also came out that the products that were incentivized were getting a 4.74- rating out of five. And those products which were not incentivized got a rating of 4.36 which is far less. ReviewMeta, which is a review analyzing site that is helping customers to have genuine reviews, also made it clear that the Amazon incentivized reviews are being deleted at a faster rate now. By now Amazon has already removed over 500,000 reviews out of which 71% reviews were incentivized.


After deletion of reviews at large scale analysis was made over 10 million reviews and Amazon came to have 1.5 percent of incentivized reviews which is tiny figure than before. And this makes it clear that the incentivized reviews have been declined to significant rate after this ban, although new incentivized reviews are still being updated with each day but Amazon incentivized reviews are now being handed better.

In the past, before it started deleting reviews, Amazon made an announcement regarding its decision of putting a ban over all the incentivized reviews of old products. Overall this step taken by Amazon will also delete the earlier outdated reviews, and the customers will be having the latest and genuine reviews.


The overall rating that the product features from Amazon has almost same figures, even after deletion of these reviews. This may be due to the reason that the significant number of incentivized reviews were not from Verified Purchasers of Amazon. That’s the reason why Amazon rating system was almost unaffected as Amazon was observing verified reviews for rating analysis. In the long term, this is going to be a great move for its customers providing more reliable and genuine reviews to them instead of the Amazon incentivized reviews.


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