Amazon India Christmas discount: On Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite

The festive season will carry a silver lining as Amazon India has announced Christmas discount on Kindle as well as Kindle Paperwhite. The discount on offer is on the Wi-Fi and 3G models of these e-reader devices from Amazon.

The discount period is for five days – from December 20 to 25. The tablets on discount can be bought from the Amazon India web site. That is not all. These devices are also available through the 200+ retail outlets all over India. Some of these stores include Reliance Digital, UniverCell, Vijay Sales and Croma stores.

So, you can view the reduced price on the web site. The price of the Kindle e-reader is Rs. 4,999 instead of Rs. 5,999 as the originally listed price. The price of the Wi-Fi model of Kindle PaperWhite is Rs. 9,999. Here too, the price has been brought down by Rs. 1000, from Rs. 10,999.

The Kindle Paperwhite device comes with a 6-inch Paperwhite screen. The screen displays 16 level gray scale and has a pixel density of 212 ppi. This display is a front-lit display that brings the light from under the anti-glare layer and fetches it up to the display. This helps in protecting the eyes of the readers so that there is lesser strain and lesser fatigue. And yes, the brightness of the display can be adjusted according to the atmospheric light.

The device comes with a 2-point multi-touch display. This removes the need to have any physical button on the gadget. Though there is 2GB of inbuilt memory, there is only 1.25GB available to users. This means, the device can hold around 1100 books of standard size and length.

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