Amazon India launches Kindle Paperwhite models; Now available

Amazon India has launched Kindle Paperwhite models. The models that are available are Kindle Papwerwhite and Kindle Papwerwhite 3G. The price of Kindle Papwerwhite in India is Rs. 10,999 and the price of Kindle Papwerwhite 3G in India is Rs. 13,999. The devices will be available and start shipping from February 4.

The devices were launched in the United States in the month of September last year. And it is only now that they are available for the Indian market. The latest eBook readers offer higher contrast display, there is also an improved light apart from an improvement in touch controls.Amazon Kindle Pperwhite

The new devices also have faster processors and a small number of enhancements in the software. One of the high points of the new devices is the Googlereads integration. It is actually a community of the book lovers that the company got recently.

This new feature allows the readers to know what exactly their friends are reading. Users will also be able to share the highlights as well as rate the books they are reading. All this will be possible from their very own Kindle right away.

FreeTime is a new mode that Amazon introduced. It is a child-friendly mode where users will give pre-determined sets of parental controls. Amazon hopes that this will encourage the children inculcate the habit of reading and spend more time doing so.

There are badges to award the children. So, when a child reaches a particular milestone reading a book, the parents can award the badge accordingly. These achievement badges will do a world of good for the reading habits of children.

Three is also a progress report for children. The report can keep a track of the time the child has spent actually reading the book, the number of badges earned, the number of words looked up as well as the number of books read.

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