Amazon Music App Officially Hits the Windows Store

Amazon Music app now becomes a part of the Windows community too. Yes, the app is now available on the Microsoft Store supporting Windows 10.

Amazon Music App on Windows Store

Amazon Music App

Music has been the moving factor for various industries. Whether it be the film industry or apps, music has changed the way we live our day to day lives. And it seems that it is not going to stop anytime soon. That seems the way for Amazon at least.

Amazon, now setting its eyes on Windows users just released its own dedicated app for the Windows Store. The app can now be used by users who have the Windows 10 Anniversary Update in countries like the UK, USA, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Japan.

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Amazon music, which works on the Amazon Prime Subscription, has over 2 million songs. And the best thing is it can be enjoyed without any advertisements. Considering that Microsoft’s own music subscription platform called Groove Music was discontinued recently, it is a boon for Windows users.

Amazon Music App

Though Amazon has extended an offer like this, it is hard to see how Amazon will stand up to the competition. Spotify, which had already released a dedicated app for Windows, has a huge fan following. It also has unlimited songs, ad-free. Though Apple Music does not have a dedicated music app for Windows, it will have to stand against all other major music providers.

When coming to India, Saavn has proved to be a music player of popular choice. Since it can be used even without a paid membership. And because this is the situation of the platform, only time can tell how Amazon will keep its place in this scenario. Also considering Amazon’s late arrival to the scene, it will have to gain the fans that Spotify and Apple Music have managed to gain over the years.


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