Android Distribution of February 2018 Statistics Released; Nougat Tops

Google has released the Android distribution for the month of February 2018. The good news for Android Nougat is that it has now topped the chart.

Android Distribution for February 2018

Android distribution

Android distribution is always a matter of interest to many users. Internet giant and mobile platform Android developer Google released the statistics of the Android distribution numbers for February 2018, and the results are pretty good.

The most used version of Android is Android Nougat, while newly released Oreo reached the 1% mark. This is good news for Google as last month’s distribution reports showed that only 0.5% of users used Android Oreo. That was a disturbing news for the Company. Though the official version of Oreo is installed and being used in 1% of devices, the beta versions are being used and installed in very small numbers.

Android distribution

This month’s chart also made Nougat the leading platform as 29.5% of Android devices run on Nougat. At the same time, 28.1% of users use Marshmallow devices. Though this is an increase in the numbers of the latest platforms, there was also a decline in the numbers of the older Android platforms as well. Android Lollipop saw 0.5% of users slip and came to a percentage of 24.6. Android KitKat also saw a fallout as it lost 0.8% of users and presently has only 12%.

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These reports prove the fact that users gladly accept the latest versions of Android. But still, a few older versions still continue to surface even after the upgrade to newer software or devices.

Android distribution

What do you feel about this Android distribution? Do you feel the iOS new versions are accepted faster and better than that of Android? Key in your thoughts about this. And which OS platform do you use?


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