Where Is the Android Lollipop Update, Google?

The Android Lollipop update is seriously missing from a bulk of the devices powered by Google’s Android operating system. The latest operating system – the Android Lollipop was about seven months before. Four months later, the OS was made available officially. But still, there’s no ‘success’ for the Android Lollipop yet.

Android Lollipop Update

If you go to have a look at the numbers, then they won’t lie a bit. The Android Lollipop users are almost nil still. If reports are to be believed, only 0.1% of Android users have the Android Lollipop running on their Smartphones. That is ridiculously miniature number of people using the OS if the fact is taken into account that Android is the most widely used mobile OS.

The Blame Game

Who you think should take the initiative to make the Android update available to the users? Is it Google or the companies that sell their mobile handsets? Here is an (interesting) blame game regarding the Android Lollipop update. Do you think it is Google because they are the developers of Android?


What Google Has to Say

Prima fascia, it is Google’s ‘responsibility’ to make the latest version of Android available to their users. However, the mega search engine company has its own views on the Android Lollipop update. According to them, it is the companies are to be blamed for the delay. That’s because they customize Android as per their needs. And that’s why extra time is lost in between the official release from Google to the point it is updated on users’ devices.

As far as Nexus tablets are concerned, there seems to be total lack of customization for the user interface. The Nexus programming is looked after by Google itself. Now, if this is taken into account, then can it be said that it is Google who is fully responsible for not making the Android Lollipop update available to the Nexus devices?

Something Interesting About Android Lollipop

The Android Lollipop was the first such version of the Android OS that was brought out in the preview version. This was way too earlier than Google had even finalized the OS version. This made one thing clear. The preview would give the companies time to prepare for the Android Lollipop update within time.

This also meant that Google would also get to know the bugs and fix things when the actual Lollipop update would roll out.

However, things didn’t turn out as expected. This points to one thing – there’s something not right in the in this particular Android Lollipop update. There can be a variety of reasons and they can only be a conjecture. It’s possible that phone companies and Google aren’t communicating with any future update. Or it is Google who isn’t working with MediaTek and Qualcomm – the hardware makers, in support of software updates.

The black picture is that neither Google nor any phone companies are taking the Android Lollipop update seriously. There are scores of smart devices being launched, customers are buying them, when they should have the Android Lollipop running on their devices.

Next Update

It is likely that in about five month’s time, Google will bring a major Android Lollipop update. We hope that this time around, the Android users will indeed get the update that they should have got long back in the form of Android Lollipop.

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