Android M Features: Top Features in Next Release

The eighth yearly developers’ conference saw the revelation of the Android M features. Android M is the major release from Google after Android Lollipop. The I/O conference was held at Moscone Center, San Francisco.

Google also announced Google Photos that will be a separate service. It will allow users storing photos as well as videos free of cost.

Android M Features

The developer preview of Android M was also released by Google on the occasion. Going down the memory lane, it can be recalled that in the last iteration of the I/O conference, Google had revealed Android L first and then named it officially as Android Lollipop.

There were lots of guessing games as to what the ‘M’ in Android M would stand for. You can read the related article here.

Like Android L, the official Google Android M name would be revealed probably in October that is when the next Nexus gadget would be launched.

There would be newer Android M features that will increase the experience of users using the OS. Google is planning to focus on the core experience. Keeping that in mind, the Mountain View company brought about some changes to the basics of Android OS.

It is understood that Google has fixed some key bugs in the upcoming OS versions that gives stronger Android M features to speak of.

The features we discussed here are:

Web Experience

Support for Fingerprint

App LInks

Power Management – Doze

Mobile Payments

RAM Management

Let’s now have a look at what modifications Google has brought about

Web Experience

Chrome will see a new feature that Google revealed during the I/O 2015. According to the company, it will change the experience for users using Google Chrome. This is one of the best Android M features known as Chrome Tabs. In place of embedding Web view in the application, developers will now be able to facilitate Chrome overlay over the active app.

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Support for Fingerprint

There’s nothing new in fingerprinting technology in Smartphones and they have been already around. However, the feature has been limited to an extent to only OEMs. Google has already added fingerprint APIs. This will help developers regarding the same.

Developers can then add this in their apps. The change is supposed to enhance the support for Google Pay feature. The idea behind this is that this will easily permit users to authenticate purchases with their fingerprints only.

Fingerprinting will also allow users to authenticate or log in to apps on their own. This will be possible directly through Google Chrome.


App Links

Handling web links more efficiently is another of the Android M features to look up to. The newest Android M release looks to improve this. Until now, there were two options for the user – to open the link in the app itself or to open it in a browser.

But now with Android M, the developers will be able to ask the OS to validate if the link should be opened within an app. Regarding more details about the Android M features, Google says that now developers will have the option of adding an autoVerify attribute. With this, users can link deep to the local app and that too without any disambiguation prompting.

Power Management – Doze

Google does come up with a new feature with their each release of Android on power management – battery use. The new feature is called Doze. Google is confident that the Doze feature will assist in making Android powered device smarter than before when it comes to power management. The latest Android M release takes care of this.

The new power management feature is armed with motion detection. It tracks if the gadget is unattended or there is no activity. When the new OS realizes this, it will limit the background activity of the apps, which will automatically extend battery life.

Mobile Payments

There was one of the Android M features that were in the talks for quite a long time now – the mobile payment system from Google. The system is known as Android Pay payment system. Though the feature didn’t materialize in the previous editions of the OS, Google has officially announced about it during the I/O 2015.


There are two partners along with Google in the development of the feature – Near Field Communications in Gingerbread 2.3 along with Host Card Emulation in Android KitKat 4.4.

The feature will facilitate users in paying through Android phones or Android Pay partner apps. Google didn’t officially announce any timeframe for the availability of the feature. However, it will soon be made available on Google Play.

RAM Management

There will be a new RAM manager with the new Android M release. The new RAM manager will give more particulars about memory instead of only readouts of the running applications. The new Android M features will allow users to rate the apps ‘good’ or ‘average’.

Yes, there will be app info like it used to be earlier. The upside of the new feature is that it will denote to the users the apps that consume the most power and will facilitate in getting them off your system.


Please put in the more Android M features that you may be aware of through comments under this post. Your comments are very valuable to us and are inspirational.

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