Android N 3D Touch may not be there at launch

The Android N 3D Touch feature might not be there when the new OS version is launched. Reports earlier talked that the feature would be there.

Android N 3D Touch

The Android N 3D Touch feature is getting late in the new Android OS update. It’s understood that Google had in fact employed support for 3D Touch – the Android version of the Cupertino-based company.

As per a report that quoted:

“…the feature will not be part of the initial Android N release and will have to wait for a later release of the operating system, most likely as part of a maintenance update to the software.”

Reports earlier had suggested that the Android N 3D Touch will let developers to work better on 3D screens and that the developers would be able to take benefit of them.

In Apple iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, the 3D Touch is one of the key features. This is derived from Force Touch tech that’s seen in the company’s smartwatch – Apple Watch. It is one of the best features, which allows the functionality of distinguishing between the kinds of touches like just a simple touch, a tap or a long press. Another feature is that users can move to a particular section of the app from your homescreen.


What users can do with the Android N 3D Touch is that users will be able to update their status or upload photos and videos and also share them on Facebook. And it doesn’t even need them to open them app. All they need is to tap the social sharing’s icon on your phone’s homescreen.

HTC had said that it will manufacture its upcoming Nexus smartphone and have something like 3D Touch feature. We will let you know more Android N 3D Touch feature whenever we get more information about this.


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