Android Nougat 7 Features – What’s New in Nougat?

Android Nougat 7 features display latest developments in Nougat which has increased the overall efficiency and enhanced performance of the operation system.

Android Nougat 7 Features

After a lot of news about the features and discussion regarding Google’s latest OS version, Android Nougat 7 has ;landed for the public recently. This is indeed an upgrade that will make Google proud of itself. As a matter of fact, Google has brought a number of new Android Nougat 7 features. So, what is new in Android Nougat? As Google has officially announced LG V20 to be the first smartphone on Android 7, it’s time you know what exactly comes int he new OS edition. Come one, let’s explore the details.

1. Adjustable Display Size


Android is very flexible in adjusting or customizing the font used in our phones or the text size. Now, with the Android 7.0, it also gives us the freedom to adjust the size of the elements shown on the display screen specially icons of our smartphones. In fact, unlike previous times, the whole experience can be resized and it’s not limited only to the font size. So, you have more fun now.

2. Daydream Platform


Android Nougat features a Virtual Reality (VR) mode, which will enable the users to experience new things. Google is planning to give away software and hardware platform to the smartphone developers. These smartphones will come ready with Daydream feature. A latest smartphone is also being launched by Google which is said to support Daydream Virtual Reality. To make it more user friendly, Daydream headset available to the masses. So, now you know a couple of things about what is new in Android Nougat.

3. Smarter Battery with new Specifications


This latest Android introduces a much smarter battery with options like Doze on the Go,It is one of the best Android 7 Nougat features. Stay in the Moment and Data Saver. Official Android Nougat comes with Doze on the Go which saves battery even while you’re travelling. It turns into a mode called low power usage. It gets feasible to take actions in the moment including better personalized settings and notifications with the feature Stay in the moment.

Similarly, another latest development to maximize the battery performance is the Data Saver feature. This enables the user to set a bar which they think is the maximum data consumed by the device. It will make you stress free about the data limit extension. The Data Saver has made sure that when it is switched on, the background applications will not use the cellular data.


Android Nougat 7 features new development in coming up with smarter batteries and making the latest operating system more efficient can be seen vividly. The latest version is also powered with Just in time (JIT) compiler. JIT Compiler increases the app speed by making it smaller and faster.

4. Switching and Multi-Tasking between apps

Unlike the previous versions of Android, the Android Nougat has an option for multitasking between the apps and is another of Android Nougat 7 features. This proves handy in copy and pasting faster unlike selecting another app by double tapping instead of going to the recent apps drawer. This is supported by Google which has come up with background apps drawer’s latest version. There are options like Multi-Window, Recent Apps and Instant Recent Apps Switching.


Multi-Window enables us to use multiple applications at one time, as the title suggest. You can open two apps at one time and use it simultaneously side by side on the smartphone. The size of the Multi window is scalable which means the size of the app can be adjusted.

The Recent App option is useful when you want to drag down an app which should not bother you in between something important. This can be accessed by just clicking on the Recent Apps button and will make sure you save time. Doesn’t this make it some of the best Android Nougat 7 features?

The other option is to go back to the last app you just worked on known as the Instant Recent Apps switching. This feature can be enabled by double tapping on the recent apps button. Well, now you know a few things about what is new in Android Nougat.

5. Vulkan™ API

Continuing with the Android Nougat 7 features, the Vulkan™ API addon by Google lets you experience the latest Android in a completely new dimension. With its high-performance graphics in 3D, it provides you with better graphics and eye-candy effects as Google terms it. The desktop level Vulkan API graphic will be fueled to Android Nougat which is supposed to make the gaming experience more spectacular than before.


6. Notification Settings: Bundled up, Improved, Re-designed, and Prioritized

Android Nougat has given the notification settings a makeover with several new specification addons. The latest notification drawer acquires full space on the display including the packed notifications from the overall applications. There’s notification meta which is redesigned in a new way. In this, the title is the highlight starting with app name and time on the very top. There are background color changes in the notification footer and the actions button has been relocated to a place separately. The Apps icon has also a new place in the right. All these changes are sure to put this at the top of the Android Nougat 7 features.


Android Nougat allows us to deal with the notification spam generated by developers like rating an app or getting benefits from new offers. Google came up with a feature that is a better way to manage notifications.

The latest features let you snooze the notifications including turning them off or muting for any individual app.This can be done by a long tap on a selected notification in the notification drawer. Direct Reply is another Android Nougat 7 features which enables you to reply while being on the notification drawer. Now, the apps from an individual app assembles together under the each app name. This feature is named as Bundled Notifications. You can check by sliding down with your fingers like you used to do before. Although, a number of apps are still not ready for this new function.

Well, one thing what is new in Android Nougat is that Google is even in the process of bringing out the first maintenance update, 7.1. This comes fast and thick

7. Redesigned Emojis and Multi Locale Language Settings

Android Nougat 7 features ‘the OS that speaks your language’ which means that it is very flexible in the subject of using two, more or multi languages at one time. This is known as Multi Locale Language Settings.


The users will be able to express themselves better with a set of completely new emojis. There are over 1500 emojis which includes the the 72 which are newly redesigned additions. Playing with emojis is real fun. So, with so many of them now, this is now a prominent Android Nougat 7 features to have with you.


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  1. Android nougat is awesome for sure with so many good features. I especially like multitasking between the apps. This will make working on various apps hassle free. Now we can work on multi windows just like we do on laptops. Good lowdown on this new version. Thanks.


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