Android O Developer Preview 3 Made Compatible for Nexus or Pixel

Android O Developer Preview 3 will offer experts the final O APIs along with an official SDK. This is Android O’s next move after rolling out Beta program at Google I/O 2017.

Android O Developer Preview 3

Android O Developer Preview 3
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Many exclusive features such as Smart Text Selection and Autofill with Google were launched before at Google I/O 2017 event. It further made Compatibility Test Suite a precious part of Android Play for Android Beta. With the release of Android O Developer Preview 3, we believe that the stability will enhance from this stage onward indeed.

As the API level 26 has been established in DP3, it has become easier for developers to publish applications aiming Android O to Google Play Store. If you have already registered in Android Beta Program, you will be notified on your Nexus or Pixel gadget. Last month, Google I/O had buzzed the tech industry with its Android TV update, and now it’s time for Android O Developer Preview 3.

The newly introduced features in Android O Developer Preview 3 are incredibly amazing, and the ones who are not patient enough to see Beta OTA update can get Factory Images for OPP3.170518.006 instantly.


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