Android on Instagram is All Set to Amaze Users

For users love to get engaged with the brand they cherish, Android on Instagram is an extension. Prior to this, there were Google Plus Page and Twitter account for Android.

Android on Instagram

Android on Instagram

On social networks, people love to follow their favourite brands, celebrities, TV shows, singers, politicians, and more. These days following friends on top social networking sites are also trending. At this point, Android made its mark on the major social networks, including Google Plus and Twitter. But the popular operating system doesn’t wish to stop here. Now people will see Android on Instagram too.

Nowadays, almost all the brands use social network as one of their promotional tools. And Instagram being an online mobile photo and video sharing platform has gained a considerable significance in a very short span of time.

So possibly, Google thought to make its property’s presence in the growing social giant and that’s why today we see Android on Instagram. You can see the picture (enclosed above) that is the only uploaded image (a collage of six pictures) from the official Android Instagram account. You can also see that it has the username @android (as expected).

The image is showing a Pixel, a Pixel C, two Nexus 6Ps, and two Android Wear watches. There are many food items as well containing Android releases named after them. Albeit we missed the upcoming Android launch, which has been rumored to get a nickname ‘Confetti’. But it seems we have to wait a little longer for getting some more leaks about Android’s future product.

When we move on to the official Instagram page, the bio says “A grid of sweet treats and #AndroidAdventures”.

Let’s keep moving and here we reach the first picture of the collage that says “Hello world”. The pictures are featuring Google’s other services like Pay and Auto. And the lollipops, marshmallows, and nougat bites are so amazing to see. We must admit it is a kind of an interesting way to portray all of them at one place. But then, we realize that we are talking about the giant Google.


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