Android One-based Smartphone to be launched by Micromax

Micromax will be launching the Android One Smartphone that will be exclusive to Snapdeal. With this release, Micromax will be making their debut with the Android One phone for the Indian market.

Android One Smartphone

The launch of the phone will take place in India tomorrow – Monday, September 8. Users will be able to get the Smartphone through the e-com site Snapdeal. The price of the Android One Smartphone will be around Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 7000.

The price mentioned here is just conjecture and there is no official word about it. So, wewill have to wait to know the exact price of the device. Reports about the phone claim that
the Smartphone will be ‘reasonably priced’.

The phone that will be released tomorrow will have features and specs as follows.

The Micromax Android One Smartphone will have 1GB RAM, dual-SIM connectivity, a microSD slot for increasing storage. There will also be a 5MP camera, a quad-core processor and 1750mAh battery. The phone is also upgradable to Android L.Android One Smartphone

Some days ago, Google had displayed the Android One that was powered by Micromax Smartphone. Google has a tie-up with Micromax and that’s why the event has been fixed for September 15. Apart from Micromax, Google has tied up with Spice and Karbonn.

There is an event scheduled by Google on September 15. It is likely that Google will showcase Android One platform as well as the phones that run on this platform.

Entry-level Smartphone

Google has tied up with these various companies so that they can target the entry-level segment. The affordable Smartphones are custom built, especially for low end Smartphones. There is a lot of murmur around in the low end devices when the Firefox phones were launched.

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India is a very potential market for affordable and low budget Smartphones. And a device like Android One Smartphone is likely to have some sort of impact on the Indian market. The punch is that consumers will have the option of choosing the best of specs in a lesser price tag.

When there is a company like Google to support, consumers will have the best of the supports. And support to Android One Smartphone will give tough competition to other Smartphone companies in India.

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