Angry Birds Epic launched on Android and iOS

Angry Birds Epic has been launched on the Android and the iOS operating systems on Thursday – yesterday. The latest version of the game happens on the ‘Piggy Island’ in the universe of the Angry Birds. And yes, there are those Bad Piggies who are back in the business once again robbing the eggs of these innocent birds. There is a difference this time and it can be seen in the hunting manner by the avian living things.

So, what’s there in the Angry Birds Epic world?

The ‘epic world’ in the Angry Birds game is inclusive of the mountains, the caves, the villages as well as the beaches. You can see various birds here like Bomb, Chuck and Red amongst some others. They all hunt down the Crown Pig. It would be great fun to check out the details of the game on the official site of the Angry Birds Epic game.

Angry Birds Epic

In the month of February Rovio Entertainment had brought out the Angry Birds Stella: Best Friends Forever followed by the New Angry Birds game that came with Medieval Theme. There’s a ‘no mercy’ attitude this time in the game. In fact, the gameplay has been made more interesting in this edition of the game. What you will see this time is the knight armors, magic spells, wooden bucklers as well as swords. As far as the Angry Birds is concerned, these changes will prove to be appealing separation from the traditional thinking of a gameplay.

The Angry Birds Stella also had concentration on the story line along with Stella’s other friends.

Rovio has come up with a trailer for the Angry Birds Epic game. You can also feature in it. What you need to do is have a webcam or upload your picture. With this, you can put your face in the video to create one for yourself.

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