The New Angry Birds Game Comes with Medieval Theme

Who doesn’t know the Angry Birds game? And yes, the Rovio studio has come with a new medieval theme and a new version of Angry Birds. The mobile gaming company from Finland brought out a trailer of the new version.

New Angry Birds Game

The ‘Angry Bird’ is shown in an armor that looks like a knight. ‘The most epic soft launch ever’ is the tagline as the video starts rolling. And as the video comes to an end, there is another one-liner ‘Starting in Australia and Canada… Other countries to follow.’

Last month, Rovio had intimated that they would soon be bringing in a new game, which would also have new birds. Of course, these birds would be the dashing playable characters. The game was known as Angry Birds Stella: Best Friends Forever. In this game, Stella was the protagonist with five more birds.


Stella was a pink bird was described as ‘one of the Angry Birds who is fierce and feisty besides appearing cute’ by Rovio. The latest trailer could well be a fresh for the Stella. It would be too premature to say, but the trailer could be pointing to a totally different game, which may have a new storyline as well.

Back in the month of December, Rovio had come up with another game – Angry Birds Go! Go-karting was the main subject matter of the game. The response it got was a mixed one when it was launched.

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