Angry Birds Stella: Best Friends Forever from Rovio Entertainment

Rovio Entertainment has come up with the subsequent version of the Angry Birds game –Angry Birds Stella: Best Friends Forever. However, Rovio hasn’t announced any particular date for the launch. However, the detail on the Rovio site states that the game will be available by the fall this year.

The teaser of the new version of the game was out on Wednesday. It came with a tweet that read Big adventure with new birds coming soon! #NewAngryBirds.” Rovio has revealed a little bit of the story background.

There are six new characters that have been freshly added in Angry Birds Stella. Stella is the hero in the game, which is the pink bird-colored. Stella is the bird that is not only ferocious, but also lively and spirited. And yes, don’t forget to see that Stella looks cute too.

But any story is incomplete, even in the game, without enemies when there is a protagonist. These details have been posted on the web site of Rovio. The site says that the new game would be total fun and adventure.

The games will not be the only thing that Rovio is looking at. There will be other items like toys, movies among many more things. Before Angry Birds Stella: Best Friends Forever, the gaming company had come with Angry Birds Go! The game was designed for BlackBerry 10, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 8.

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