Anti-Sexting App Send This Instead Launched by Canada

An anti-sexting app has been launched by Ontario Provincial Police, a Canadian police unit in a bid to hold back sex crimes. Send This Instead, is how the app is known. Authorities are taking steps to curb the ‘sexting epidemic’.

Anti-Sexting App

There are lots of apps around which can be used for sexting – sex+chatting. There are actually 57 replies pre-loaded in the app that are not only humorous, but also sarcastically pointed for the sexting requests.

The anti-sexting app includes replies like “No, but keep taking the selfies. The cops will appreciate you making your own mugshot” and “That would violate both my data and dating plans.”

Actually the anti-sexting app, Send This Instead will exclusively target the teenagers in Canada. However, the app will also be soon launched for the rest of the world, which is certainly a welcome development.

Anti-sexting app
Image: Send This Instead

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The Crimes Against Children Conference is scheduled for August 11-14 to take place in Dallas, Texas. The worldwide release of the app is then expected.

Some apps are already termed as dangerous for kids and teens like Snapchat and Kik Messenger. Voxer and Yik Yak are other similar dangerous apps for teens. Recently Instagram also unveiled messaging app Bolt in a bid to compete against Snapchat.

There’s a description of the app that says “When you are feeling pressured to send intimate images to someone online, Send This Instead.”

The app is available for download on both App Store and Google Play.

The development of the anti-sexting app has been aided by comedians (to write the humorous replies) as well as graphic artists.

Increase in Sexting

The Anti-sexting app gets more importance as sexting has been on the rise tremendously. There is virtually an epidemic of complaints according to Inspector Scott Naylor, who is the manager of the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) sex crimes unit.

In Canada, sexting under the age of 18 years is illegal. The same has been categorized as disturbing child pornography. However, the cops are a bit tentative for charging teens in the ‘crime’.

So, will Send This Instead really stop sexting? Well, probably no. But the anti-sexting app will certainly give the teens an alternative.

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