Apple 5-inch iPhone With A Vertical Dual Camera In 2017

Next year marks the tenth anniversary of Apple’s iPhone, and there is a lot of anticipation for the next iPhone variant. New iPhone 8 rumors surface daily, and the buzz doesn’t seem to die down.

Apple 5-inch iPhone


The year 2017 will see a new Apple five-inch iPhone with a vertical, dual camera. The Japanese outlet Macotakara, reportedly claimed yesterday evening that Apple is on its way to introduce a new iPhone model to its repertoire. The 5-inch iPhone will hit markets next fall.

Citing an anonymous Taiwanese supplier, the report claims that the new 5-inch iPhone model will be similar to the iPhone 7s and the iPhone 7s Plus in specifications. It will have a dual camera feature just like the one on the 7s Plus. The only difference will be that the 5-inch model will have a vertical camera design rather than a horizontal one as that of the iPhone 7s Plus.

The new 5-inch iPhone model is more of an addition to the line-up of iPhone 7s than a radically new design by itself. This claim is closely followed by one made in October by Nikkei that Apple would launch a 5-inch iPhone model and that all models would have all-glass backs. The industry was also rife with speculation about a 5.8 inch model of iPhone.

Specific details are not yet available about the iPhone 7s refresh. In keeping with the “s” upgrades in the past, Apple is expected to come up with substantially internal changes and not a fundamental shift in the design.

The grapevine has it, however, that the significant changes in design will be seen in the new iPhone 8 model. This model will reportedly have an all glass design and a display that is OLED, as quoted earlier by Sharp CEO. It will also have wireless charging. Big things are in store for this new model.

Though the speculations are all sketchy, one thing is certain; Apple 5-inch iPhone will have definitely something to look forward. The specifics will only be fully known once Apple launches the iPhone 7s, the iPhone 7s Plus and the iPhone 8. In the meantime, iPhone fans can gear up for the new Apple iPhone line-up in 2017.


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