Apple: 78% of iOS devices now run on iOS 7

According to Apple, there are around 78% of the iOS devices that currently run on the iOS 7 – the latest OS from Apple that was released last year. It is not even four months since the iOS 7 version was released by Apple and it got a great response from the users thanks to some great features.

Apple has shared the distribution stats on their developer web site. According to the stats, the iOS 6 is still actively used on at least 18 per cent of the devices. While, there are another 4 per cent of devices that still run the older versions of the iOS.

In the last month, the iOS 7 was present on 74 % of the iOS devices and the iOS 6 was being used on 22% of the iOS gadgets. This means that 4% of users have upgraded to iOS 7 in between.

This can be compared with the latest OS from Google’s Android, the Android 4.4 KitKat. Google also shared their stats online and it was noted that the Android 4.4 KitKat was used by 1.1% of the users on all Android devices. This figure stands after a couple of months after the latest OS version by Google.

Google also made available the breakup of the Android Jelly Bean versions (Android 4.1, Android 4.2 and Android 4.3 are collectively known as Android Jelly Bean). All the three versions put together accounted for 54.4% users. Android 4.1 was on 37.4% devices, Android 4.2 was on 12.9% devices, while Android 4.3 was on 4.2% devices.

Apple’s OS have a very high rate of adoption once the newer version hits the market. The OS updates from the house of Apple are streamlined as they aim at only a certain number of devices that are produced by Apple themselves. It is worth mentioning that Apple doesn’t need to go through OEM or the carriers before the people receive the updates.

This naturally brings down a bulk of the time required by any OS version to reach out to the users.

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