Apple Airpods Wireless Headphones Launched by Apple

Apple Airpods wireless headphones have been launched at the Apple Event in San Francisco. Available on and Apple Stores from October end at a cost of $159.

Apple Airpods Wireless Headphones


At the Apple Event in San Francisco, everyone was waiting for the launch of iPhone 7 series and Watch 2 series. Little did we know, that Apple is coming up with this masterpiece competing with the fast growing technology – the Apple Airpods wireless headphones. However, Apple’s plan of releasing it was revealed in July but there were no confirmations as such. The company launched the Apple Airpods wireless headphones which have a high-quality audio and longer battery backup. Airpods are not like any other earpods available in the market.

Apple has worked really hard on this by embedding the device with latest sensors that detect if you are listening or not. It automatically plays and pauses the music according to its detection capabilities. For this, all we have to do is to double tap allowing the Apple Airpods wireless headphones to be able to access Siri. The latest Airpods also reinvents the way we make calls, watch shows or movies on TV, listen to music, and also the interaction with Siri. The Accelerometer sensors on the device make it detect if we are speaking which makes it focus on the sound of our voice with the help of a pair of beam-forming microphones.


Airpods is the new age earpods and it is highly reliable as there is no issue of wires getting entangled now. It is the latest tech device compared to the other wireless headphones available. It can be used by opening the lid of the charging case. As soon as the lid opens, Apple Airpods wireless headphones are ready to be used. The compatible devices for Airpods are the latest iPhone 7 series and Watch 2 series. It works with Apple devices which is powered by iOS 10, watchOS 3 or macOS Sierra. It sets up automatically with all our Apple devices that have the same iCloud account. It comes with high-quality audio and longer battery backup by using the ultra-low power Apple W1 chip.Apple-Airpods-wireless-headphones

It is durable for 5 hours with one charge. There is also custom-made charging case which has additional charges. Airpods has this latest technology of switching between the call on iPhone to playing music on Watch 2. Airpods is officially out in the market from the last week of October. It can be purchased from the and Apple Stores from October end. Airpods including the charging case is priced at $159.



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