Apple App Store fifth anniversary: Apple giving away free iOS apps

Apple App Store is celebrating its fifth anniversary and to celebrate it, Apple is giving away free iOS apps. No wonder, there is a big reason to celebrate for the fans of the iPhone makers. The company is giving away a cluster of apps that are not only free but also useful.

Celebrations will start on July 10 and how! There will be apps like Infinity Blade II, Tiny Wings, Where’s My Water? etc. All these apps are totally free to download. From the house of Disney, Where’s My Water? is priced about Rs. 60 ($0.99). What’s more, the app is free for the first time
In the list of free games, Badland has also found a place in the free apps. Traktor DJ is another free app from Apple. This app generally costs approximately Rs. 1200 ($20).

The image editor Over comes free and so do Barefoot World Atlas and Day One. As far as these apps are concerned Apple hasn’t said if these apps will be free. However, as the time of release coincides with the five-year celebrations, they should also be free.

However, watch out for the apps as these might not be exclusive on the list of download. There could be changes in the apps. Also, it is not clear how long these apps will be free to grab. But don’t worry, we will keep you updated about it all.

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