Apple wants ban on Samsung tablets and Smartphones in the US

Apple has asked for a ban on Samsung tablets as well as Smartphones in the United States. For this, Apple has requested federal judge to prohibit the sales of the Samsung devices in the US.

The US-based Apple has said in a filing in California that the tabs and Smartphones have reportedly violated the patents. A trial about the same was also held last year.

Apple has come up with a fresh bid for having a permanent restriction on the sales of the Samsung devices. The fresh bid materialized after the decision of an appeals court in November made way for another fresh hearing.

Apple came up with a latest filing where the lawyers mentioned to the court that the sales carried out by Samsung were proving to be harmful to Apple. They further said that the compensation in monetary terms were not the sufficient solution to the problem.

The US company is asking for a ban on the Smartphone models of Samsunglike Continuum, Droid Charge, Captivate, Epic 4G, Fascinate, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Prevail, Exhibit 4G,Galaxy S 4G, Gem, Galaxy S,Indulge, Infuse, Mesmerize, Vibrant,Nexus S 4G as well as Replenish apart from Transform.There are also three variants of the Galaxy S II in the list.

Apple also wants ban on the Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Tab tablets. However, it must be mentioned that the latest Samsung gadgets won’t be affected by this request.

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