Apple demo videos for iPad Pro and iPhone SE

Apple demo videos have been released that focus on the new iPad Pro as well as the iPhone SE.

iPhone SE

The first video is on the iPhone SE, titled “iPhone SE” and runs for 24 seconds. It shows the device in a row of four with the available colors. Looks extremely short and sweet. Watch the video below:

The New iPad Pro

The second video is on the new iPad Pro and is also titled “The new iPad Pro”. With a runtime of 46 seconds, it shows the device in work along with the Apple Pencil at work. Watch the video below:

Liam – An Innovative Story

Coming to the third video, it’s on “Liam – An Innovative Story”. With a runtime of 1 minute and 5 seconds, it displays Liam at work. It shows the recycling process at work. Watch the video below:

ResearchKit – Empowering doctors, researchers, and now you

The last of the four videos is the longest of the lot that runs for 3 minutes and 29 seconds. It shows in detail how the ResearchKit can be of help to doctors for various diseases and drawing conclusions and also for researchers. How? Watch the video below:


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  1. iPhones which have suffered from liquid damages will first have the manual inspection. Then the devices with salvageable components are shipped to Apple’s warehouse, so Liam can give them a more productive afterlife.


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