Apple likely to develop iPhone with curved screens and improved sensors

After LG and Samsung, it is the turn of Apple to come up with iPhones with curved screens as well as improved sensors. It is understood that Apple will be designing new iPhones that will come with bigger and curved screens. There are also talks of Apple having improved sensors.

As far as improved sensors are concerned, the improvement is likely to be in the pressure the sensors can work on. The company is working on sensors that can handle various levels of pressure.Apple logo1

There will be a couple of models that are planned for release any time after June 2014. These models will bear larger screens with glass that will be curved downward from top at the edges. As the plans haven’t been made public yet, the person who is closely associated has chosen to remain anonymous.

These models will be capable of detecting even the lightest of the touches on the screen and can even bear heavy touches, the person known as saying. The models will come with screens like 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch. These phones are tagged as the largest iPhones from Apple.

The second model will be pretty much the size of the Galaxy Note III that has a screen size of 5.7 inches. Samsung has released the Galaxy Round last month in a variety of sizes and price tags in a bid to stay ahead of Apple in the global market share.

Coming back to Apple, the new models planned for next year’s release are still in a premature stage and much of the work remains to be done yet. It is expected that the new phones might not see the light of the day before October 2014. However, these are just guessing games being played right now. Stay tuned for more news here!

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