Apple giving away OS X Mavericks as free download

Apple is giving away the OS X Mavericks totally free and is available as free download. It is the first of its kind for the operating system. This is certainly good news for the Mac users as they will be getting the latest version of the OS for free. Apple announced this during an event in San Francisco.

Craig Federighi, who is the chief of iOS and OS X Apple, said “Today we’re going to revolutionize pricing.” The free OS software has been made available.

Image: icomputerdenver
Image: icomputerdenver

The US-based company first introduced the system in the month of June during the developer’s conference. Apple also exhibited the novel features in Maps, Safari, iBooks apart from devoting time to speak about the extended battery life, the tags and tabs.

The MacBook Air will have more time for web browsing. The extra time the MacBook Air gets is at least one extended hour. And around one-and-a-half-hours of more iTunes movie playback, Federighi said.

The system in the device makes adjustments to the memory on its own. So, if there is any program that’s heavily based on graphics, it can dish out optimal quality. When Federighi spoke aboutthe iBook app, it also got attention. The photos as well as videos are able to pop out of the textbook.

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