Apple IBM Partnership For More iPhone iPad Sales

The Apple IBM partnership will help in selling more of iPhone iPad devices. IBM has been proved to be a headache for Apple in the past. However, in the better interest of both companies, they decided to joins hands with each other.

With the help of IBM, Apple looks to target potential places like the government agencies and the corporate groups to gain more customers.

Apple IBM Partnership

The Apple IBM partnership will allow the two companies to work mutually on nearly 100 various mobile apps that include a range of businesses. Most of these apps will be released by the fall this year. Some of the apps will be very crucial for Apple as they will be working on different data.

These tools are used for concluding on various data, which will allow the companies to work better towards their market. Moreover, the Apple IBM partnership will also search for more money making prospects.

Apple IBM Partnership

Improved Security from IBM

IBM has also promised that they will be offering improved security to Apple. This will primarily include the service for safeguarding the data from potential hackers. These hackers steal key information from mobile gadgets. Mobiles are mostly targeted as generally most of the work is carried out on mobiles instead of laptops or PCs. This will be mutually beneficial to the Apple IBM Partnership.

Apple had famously skewered IBM as a soulless company devoid of new ideas in the famous ‘1984’ commercial.

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook has pointed out the reason for the company to join forces with IBM. He said that (Apple) doesn’t quite understand the requirements of the corporate customers as it does for the general consumers. The partnership will also be in good favor of IBM.

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty spoke about the union saying that the new development between the two companies would also be helpful for IBM because it can broaden the audience of the tech tools as well as providing handsome returns on the billions of dollars they have invested in data analytics.

As far as the devices – iPhone and iPad are concerned the two big players in the industry will develop mobile apps for iPhones and iPads that will help customers check emails as well as track appointments, etc. The Apple IBM partnership will certainly spell success if things fall in place for them.

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