Apple iMessage Contacts; Company Shares with Authorities

Apple has always talked about its privacy vows; According to the latest report, the company might be sharing the Apple iMessage contacts with the police!

Apple iMessage Contacts


Apple is known for its customer’s privacy policies and end-to-end encryption of its Apple iMessage contacts and conversations. What you share and say in your iMessages may be secured and private from the alert vision of the law enforcement, but the contacts you have, isn’t. Apple logs your iMessage contacts almost all the time you enter a new number to begin a conversation. According to a new report, Apple may be logging into its customer’s privacy and probably sharing information like Apple iMessage contacts with the people of law enforcement!

We’ve recently, acknowledged Apple’s refusal of the FBI’s request. The FBI had requested the company to unlock the iPhone of one of the alleged in the San Bernardino shootings in the US. This is a solid clue of Apple’s commitment towards its customer’s privacy. But the question still stands, whether Apple is following the high standards it has created for itself?

Recently, the Intercept publications claimed, your blue texts leave behind a track of which phone numbers you have been contacting and shares this and also other sensitive data, with the law enforcement team.The accusation made by this publication is that Apple logs in and stores each of this information, with the exact date & time as well as the IP address of the customer, which according to the publication can be used to pinpoint a user’s location. Although, the contents of iMessages sent are encrypted end-to-end that is, they are not readable even to Apple.

According to’s Jordan Kahn, Apple has publically admitted in the past and has mentioned a numerous number of times in Apple’s legal page on their official website, that Apple does log its customer’s information. The company says:

“When you use your device, your phone number and certain unique identifiers for your iOS Device are sent to Apple in order to allow others to reach you by your phone number when using various communication features of the iOS Software, such as iMessage and FaceTime. Apple has FaceTime call invitation logs when a FaceTime call invitation is initiated. These logs do not indicate that any communication between users actually took place.”

Apple also suggests that when compelled by court orders or under the circumstances os a search warrant, they might be able to provide iCloud contents and information, to the higher authorities. This is not new because many companies keep a log of the data circulating through their systems and pass it to the law enforcement, whenever needed. But it’s crucial to know that the filling of your iMessages may be secure and encrypted, who you contact and who you’ve been contacting is not!

Contradicting to the report, the same page also says this very clear, that extraction of any sort of information will not be possible, even by the Apple development team, if the iOS version of the Apple device is 8 or above. The data is secured by an encryption key that is connected via the device passcode.

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