Apple iOS 9 Leak Reveals Smarter Looks and Features

The Apple iOS 9 leak has brought to the fore newer looks and features than its predecessor. iOS 8 will soon go down with the advent of the next version of the operating system. By the way, the iOS 8 got regular updates and was controversial in its own ways.

Apple iOS 9 Leak

The next generation of the iOS – the iOS 9 is finally on its way out. The Worldwide Developers’ Conference (WWDC) will be held on June 8 and this is when we will get a chance to have a first look at the OS. So, if there’s Apple iOS 9 leak out now, it should be no surprise at all.

The leak has brought forward two major elements – a brand new look and a key feature. The Apple iOS 9 leak has come out thanks to 9ro5mac.

Home Sweet Home

The iOS 9 will welcome a brand new app known as Home. The app will play a crucial role in ‘Internet of Things’, where Apple is trying to push itself. Home will also be a control hub for HomeKit products. This is pretty much as the roles of Game Center.

It won’t be wrong to say that Home will give a much required push to HomeKit. HomeKit had been announced in 2014, however, there’s not a lot of movement with it. No wonder, Apple will desperately try to be at the front position of the ‘Internet of Things’ development.


Brand New Looks

The iOS 7 came out of the shell of appearance of the elderly iOS version, though it had separated views. As far as the iOS 9 is concerned, Apple is trying to just make a tweak here or there, which would be great for everyone.

It is understood from 9to5Mac that Apple will be changing the font of the entire system after the iOS 8. In the process of the Apple iOS 9 leak, it is understood that Helvetica Neue will be done away with, which was brought in iOS 7. It was also in the line of fire for favoring style or readability giving more priority to San Francisco.

Apple Watch uses San Francisco developed by Apple themselves that targeted legibility.

Simple it may sound, it isn’t. It is actually pretty complicated to make this change. These may sound as subtle changes, however, they are pretty complicated to use and implement. The character dimensions pretty much affects the UI elements and increased tons of work for app developers.


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